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We hear a lot these days about how important it is to integrate Green and Sustainable habits into our daily lives. Something that Hilary’s Flowers & Such supports and has done for years. To take this responsibility a step further, we are offering a Vase Recycling Program,where you can exchange pre-owned, undamaged glass or ceramic flower vases for a credit on your next flower purchase. You can now get a little something extra for cleaning out all the left over vases that remain long after those beautiful flowers have gone.


Call us at least a day or two in advance to set up an appointment to bring in your vases. We’ll take a look and if we can use them, we will offer you a store credit towards your next purchase of flowers from us. Consider it a little reward for doing the right thing.

TERMS - We will try to give you the best price we can, but please don’t be disappointed if we cannot use everything you offer. Store credit based on assessed value of used containers as determined by Hilary’s Flowers & Such (HF&S). Store credit has no cash value and must be applied to HF&S’s normal product line within 60 days of issue. Additional conditions may apply. Containers must be clean and undamaged. We reserve the right to end this program at any time without prior notice.


Change the water in the vase every couple of days. Use clean, lukewarm water. Water that is too hot or cold can be shocking to flowers, limiting their ability to drink.

Add flower food per instructions or just drop a regular, uncoated aspirin in the water of your vase. This will help keep your water clean and fresh.

Keep flowers out of heat or direct sun. Flowers do best in a cool room (65-72 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal), away from any heat sources like TVs, heat vents, and sunny windows.

Don’t forget to check water level daily

Never let your vase become dry! Your flowers may need lots of water, especially when they first arrive. Add more water if necessary. If water begins to appear at all cloudy, change the water, rinse the stems and cut a new end on each stem.

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Vase Recycling Program